I was born in 1971 in the beautiful city of Caracas, Venezuela. At the age of 8, I developed a passion for photography. This enthusiasm began when my father shared with me a history book of photos and photographers.

He read the history of each photo and about the person who captured the image. This shared experience of reading the book awoke in me a desire to capture moments in time, nature's beauty, and my family's images.

I was fascinated by the realization that we could look at the photographs and feel the emotions of that moment captured. From that point on, I became the official photographer of our family, recording all family events and private moments.

The photographs chronicle the Romero family's journey through life, the beauty of Caracas , and the citizens of this city; but also my development as a portrait photographer. My passion for photography continued in secondary school.

I became the photographer of the scholastic newspaper obtaining personal satisfaction and recognition of my work. Upon completion of secondary school I gained entrance into and graduated from the Istituto de Formacion Cinematografica Cotrain, realizing my life long goal of becoming a professional photographer specializing in portraits and weddings.

Now I think that this moment in time is of great importance for all. The process to obtain permanent optic images on surfaces properly prepared by a means of the light and of chemical substances allows our memories to remain in time.

Erick Romero

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